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I offer clinical supervision of both trainees and trained counsellors and psychotherapists. This is following my experience of teaching and facilitating group work in a number of trainings across London as well as having supervised students completing their MA and/or doctorate in psychotherapy. More recently, in 2016, I have taken on the clinical supervision of the team of honorary therapists running the Therapy Centre at Regent's University. Clinical supervision in this context took into account the strongly cosmopolitan, international and culturally mobile profile of the particular student population.

Thoughtful Supervisory Practice

My approach to supervision is about facilitating a thoughtful practice where both the needs of the therapist and the client/patient are being listened to. Although my supervisory practice is broadly psychodynamic, the emphasis is on the concept of apprenticeship as well as on acknowledging and harbouring difference (of opinion, culture, orientation and so on) on all levels of the supervisor, therapist, client triangle.

Cross - Cultural Supervision

I have a particular interest in 'cross-cultural' clinical supervision. This can take the form of supervising therapists working with a particular ethnic group. It can also take the form of facilitating therapist - client work when the therapist feels unfamiliar with the client's cultural origin or more generally, taking into account the sociopolitical and cultural context in all clinical supervision work.

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