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I have been practising as a psychotherapist since February 1999. I am a Cambridge doctoral graduate in Social Anthropology (Ph.D., U. of Cambridge, 1999). As part of my doctoral research, I conducted anthropological fieldwork on the experience of living in the diaspora, ethnicity and cosmopolitanism.

The psychotherapy training

I trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the Philadelphia Association in Hampstead. I am UKCP registered since September 2002.

Clinical and other relevant Experience

Since 1999, I have worked as a psychotherapist at various settings including the charity sector, as part of a multi disciplinary hospital team and in private practice. I have long and diverse experience of teaching and supervising psychotherapy students at many university and training settings including teaching Freudian psychoanalysis at Birkbeck College. I am currently a supervisor of doctoral research at NSPC (Existential Academy) and a visiting lecturer in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at Regent's University. I am also an active member of the Relational School.

Writing and Publications

I have published widely in the fields of anthropology and psychotherapy. I am also a published author of fiction. For more information on my creative writing please go to my author website. My publications in psychotherapy and anthropology, among others, include:


Fictional Clinical Narratives in Relational Psychoanalysis

The Mother in Psychoanalysis and beyond: Matricide and Maternal Subjectivity, ed. with Rosalind Mayo, Routledge, forthcoming September 2016

'Audit Cultures': A Critical Look at Evidence-Based Practice in Psychotherapy and Beyond, ed. King, Moutsou, PCCS, 2010.

Crossing European Boundaries, ed. Stacul, Moutsou, Kopnina, Berghahn, 2006.


'Not Calling it a Day: Considerations on Ending Therapy from a Relational Perspective.', Contemporary Psychotherapy, Winter 2015

' When philosophy meets practice: Setting up a Philadelphia Association community household' in 'Therapeutic Communities for Psychosis, ed. Gale et al, Routledge, 2008.

Bilingual Psychotherapy

I have experience of working in Greek with suitable clients. I also have a fluent understanding of French. Having therapy in one's mother tongue or with a therapist who understands the client's cultural background is sometimes a strong preference for people seeking a therapist. Working in Greek in an English speaking country and in the context of multicultural London is often more complex than sharing a linguistic capacity and/or a cultural identity. It seems to be particularly pertinent nowadays due to the ongoing financial and social crisis in Greece and a new wave of migration.

Skype Sessions

I am open to working on Skype with clients who may travel/live between countries. However, I only consider this possibility after a face-to-face embodied therapeutic relationship has been firmly established.

Professional Interests

My particular interests are: The maternal in all its aspects, such as pregnancy, (in)fertility and complicated maternal relationships such as in adoption; Cross-cultural work making space for difference and diversity; The so-called borderline conditions including eating disorders and sexually risky behaviour; Embodiment, intersubjectivity and the relational; Creative and therapeutic writing and the interface between literature and analytic therapies such as in the stream of consciousness and when a character is an 'unreliable narrator'.

What being a therapist is about for me?

I am profoundly interested in clinical work because of my trust in the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship. Through my personal and clinical experience over the years, I have come to believe that, even though it can take a lot of courage to confront one's demons, therapy can bring about profound change and enlightenment in a person's life.

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